What I was going to say to the Scary Racist Bigoted Guy Who Hid Behind A Fake Profile

The Racist Bigoted Guy made the following statement in his email to me:

“Personally, I think Aboriginals are victims of their own self pity. And yes I have vast experience with them, I have been raised amongst Aboriginals in Far Nthrn QLD. I pity them because all this bullshit woe is me influence is keeping them down. Relieving them of responsibility for their actions is preventing them from climbing out of the gutter, only a small percentage of Aboriginals become anything worth any kind of respect. And its because they have too much focus on political issues, whats been done to them, what they are owed and so on.”

My Response Would Have Been:

Firstly, it is very important that you do not throw around the term ‘Self-Pity’ and apply the term to just anyone and everyone.

Yes there are some black-fellas who may indeed wallow in self-pity just as there are some white-fellas who may also wallow in self -pity, but that does not then mean that we ALL then wallow in self-pity, to think otherwise can lead down the road to prejudice.

You have either intentionally or unintentionally confused the symptoms of self-pity with the symptoms of oppression.

Self-pity is when a person feels sorry for themself and that they are victims of events and therefore feel that they are deserving of condolences and do not try to do anything about solving their self-pity.

Self-pity is often viewed as a bad thing but it can also be considered quite normal, and indeed in some circumstances quite healthy, so long as it is only temporary and leads to both a personal acceptance and determination to change the situation rather than continue to wallow in it.

Oppression is the exercise of authority or power in a burdensome, cruel and unjust manner, and here is where you have confused the symptoms of self-pity with the symptoms of oppression; oppression is also the feeling of being heavily burdened, mentally or physically, by troubles, adverse conditions, anxiety etc.

Take us black-fellas for example, we have been virtually politically and socially oppressed for the past 189 years of Australia’s 221 years history (give or take a few decades, here and there, depending on the foundation of each of the separate British colonies within Australia).

Within that 221 years we have had only 42 years of relative freedom from oppression since the 1967 Referendum, to not only once again freely develop as a race and people but to also begin to freely challenge the past and current state of Australian governments political, social and cultural oppressive policies against our race and people.

The majority of us are not suffering from the symptoms of self-pity but from the symptoms of oppression.

The Cycle of Oppression



Now I have noted elsewhere in some of you prior comments on this Group’s page you have declared the following:

‘I have EMPATHY for my fellow man, even strangers, I wish everyone the best, I am kind, considerate, I work hard, I respect others and treat them with dignity, even if sometimes they are not quite so deserving’.

Empathy is not wishing everyone the best, being kind, considerate, working hard, respecting others and treating them with dignity, if you truly believe that this is what Empathy is then you have completely missed what the true meaning and definition of Empathy is.

I like this definition of Empathy by Educator and Philosopher Khen Lampert who said:

“[Empathy] is what happens to us when we leave our own bodies…and find ourselves either momentarily or for a longer period of time in the mind of the other. We observe reality through their eyes, feel their emotions, and share in their pain….

Until such time you can do this then it will be very difficult for you or any other person to have any type of Empathy with us black-fellas; to observe the Australian political and social reality through our eyes, to feel our emotions and to share our pain of growing up in a Country that has, in both the past and present, oppressed our black-fella race and people through harsh oppressive political, social, cultural and religious policies, generations upon generations.


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