Aboriginalism Art Manisfesto

Shattered Misconceptions
© 2008 Walha Udi Marvyn McKenzie  Snr
Aboriginalism Art is the name I recently coined to newly define and integrate the many styles and forms of traditional and contemporary Aboriginal Art into one art form and movement.

Aboriginalism Art is an avant-garde cultural art movement where artistic cultural expression individualism and diversity shall prevail.

Aboriginalism Art will challenge and transform the wider community perception and beliefs of what constitutes ‘Genuine Aboriginal Art.’

Aboriginalism Art goal is to develop, to experiment and to evolve new forms, styles and methods of artistic Aboriginal cultural expressions.

Aboriginalism Art will assist us to evolve further as a people and a race – both individually and as a group.

Aboriginalism Art will contest the many modern purists who say that if our art form and style doesn’t contain the Spirituality of Aborigines, it is not true Aboriginal Art.

What then is the Spirituality of Aborigines that these often White Australian modern purists will need to see contained in our Art works before they will fully accept our many types, forms and styles of non-traditional art work as true Aboriginal Art?

With our enthusiastic adherence to Aboriginalism Art, we will:

  • Destroy the cult of the past, the obsession for Aboriginal Art to be only based on our ancient traditional culture and art forms, pedantry and academic formalism.
  • Totally invalidate all kinds of externally imposed traditional cultural artistic conformity.
  • Elevate all attempts at originality, however daring and however non-traditional.
  • Bear bravely and proudly the smear of “non-traditionalist” with which they will use to try to gag all remote, regional and urban Aboriginalism Art innovators.
  • Regard art critics as useless for they critique our cultural artistic expressions and evolution through cultural ignorant foggy glasses.
  • Rebel against the tyranny of the word: “traditional” and other loose expressions which can be used to destroy the evolutionary innovated works of Aboriginalism Art.
  • We will fully accept, respect and support one another.

If you are a practicing Australian Aboriginalism Artist then please take a moment to write and record what art forms you currently do.

By adding and recording this information we can begin to form a clear picture of the many art forms Australian Aboriginalism Artist practice.

Other non-Aboriginalism Artists are also welcome to add their art forms, medium and styles so we can get an idea what art is being practiced in other parts of Australia and the world.

Invite other people and groups to join Aboriginalism Art Group at:



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