Who Am I?

Walha Udi Marvyn Mc  

Well this is my first time ever at Blogging and it was suggested to me by an Australian Aboriginal Sister who I met briefly, along with her partner, and who both had a lasting impact on my life, despite our very brief meeting together. So when she suggested I start my own personal Blog Page – I listened and followed her advice. Thank you L & V…

So the first place I should start after saying Hello to all in my Vap-apa (Mother’s Father, Mate, Grandfather) Language, Yura Ngawarla, which is the Ancient Aboriginal Language of his mob, Adnya-mathanha Kuyani Yura is: “Who Am I?”

My full name (Adnya-mathanha Kuyani and English names) is Walha Udi Virdianha Nhunga Marvyn-anha F McKenzie Snr and I am an Adnyamathanha Kuyani Ararru Vukurra Milana Yura

‘Walha Udi’ is my Adnya-mathanha Kuyani Yura Mityi (lit ‘Earth Name’) that was given to me by my Vap-apa, and it means Bush Turkey (Australian Bustard) (Walha) Song (Udi), and it was the Ancient song he always use to sing to me in his Ancient Australian Aboriginal Language and make me dance to.

‘Virdianha’ is my one of my Birth Title Order Names which indicates that I am the first born makle child in my clise immediate Family and it describes what my role and responsibilities will be in my immediate Family – Mother’s Helper – thus my role and responsibility is to always look after my Mother, to make sure she is always well fed and cared for.

‘Nhunga’ is my secind Birth Title Order Names and has two meanings. The first meaning is that ‘I am an Elder Brother’ to some of my younger Family members and the second meaning is that ‘I am the first born male child in my generation, that is the eldest Grandson’.

‘Adnya-mathanha’ is the recent name we have adopted for our Aboriginal Language Group which is made up of  five ancient separate but connected Aboriginal Language Groups: Kuyani, Wailpi, Yadliaura, Pilatapa and Pangkala, which are the traditional groups of the Northern Flinders Ranges, South Australia. I am descended from the Kuyani and also Wailpi.

‘Adnya-mathanha’ literally means ‘Rock/Stone People’ though some often incorrectly say ‘Hill People’ and if that was the case then we would actually be call Vambata-mathanha, as Vambata means ‘hills’.

We call ourselves ‘Yura’ and this name is derived fron the name ‘Yurra’ meaning ‘Earth, dirt’, thus we can often define Yura as ‘of the Earth’. some people have incorrectly defined Yura as meaning Man but we have a separate word for Man and it is Miri.

Some people often incorrectly say our language is called Adnya-mathanha but in reality it is called Yura Ngawarla, which literally means ‘Earth Language’.

Ararru Vukurra Milana means:

Ararru is one of the two names we have for our separate but connected marriage lines, others call ‘moiety’, the opposite moiety to Ararru is Mathari.

Vukurra is the word for ‘Northwind’ and Milana is an old ancient word for people or totem, thus I am descended from the Northwind Mob/People/Totem. The opposite Mob is Varpa Milana – literally South wind Mob/People/Totem.

I am an artist (painter since 1994, photography mainly) and a writer.

I am very political because my whole life is often a political statement in itself.

I believe fully in Reconciliation between Black and White Australians, although I believe before such Reconciliation can occur their are some historical Restorative Social Justice issues that need to be identified, discussed and resolved prior to any such Reconciliation.

I am also descended from the Irish and Scottish and therefore percieve myself to be a bridge between my Black and White Australians Ancestors Peoples.

Nuff said re intro…


One Response to “Who Am I?”

  1. Dan Sucanj Says:

    Strange way for me to get in touch but I thought I would let you know. I have left FB due to “pressure” being put on me. The people who did that shall remain nameless suffice to say they were sending emails to me about my family. I don’t take it nicely when my family are brought into things I have done. They traced me through FB by searching for me and then sending emails. So to circumvent this I quit FB. The emails have substantially decreased. Hope you understand.

    If you want to keep in touch send me an occassional email.
    All the best Dan

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