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Elders Must Respect Youth Before We Expect Our Youth To Respect Our Elders

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Respect based on age alone and seniority without competency is a thing of the past.
China’s most famous teacher, philosopher, and political theorist, 551-479 BC, Confucius once said:

“A youth is to be regarded with respect. How do you know that his (or her) future will not be equal to our present?”

Some Elders often believe they should receive automatic immediate respect from their Youth just because of their old age.

Such Elders have forgotten that respect must first be earned by their words, actions and deeds, and not solely dependent on their age.

Respect is earned and must be returned to our Youth.

How can our Youth respect us Elders if we do not first show and demonstrate our respect for them and each other.

One day our Youth will become our Elders so it is very important that we Elders set an example for them to follow.

J.B. Priestly once said:

There was no respect for youth when I was young, and now that I am old, there is no respect for age–I missed it coming and going.

One of the main foundation cornerstone for building Respect for other People in your life begins within your own Heart, Mind and Spirit, for before you can even begin building Respect for others You must first learn to Respect Yourself.

John Herschel once said:

Self-respect is the cornerstone of all virtue.

Confucius also once said:

Respect yourself and others will respect you.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky once said:

“If you want to be respected by others the great thing is to respect yourself. Only by that, only by self-respect will you compel others to respect you.”

We Elders today have a great responsibility upon our shoulder to nurture and teach our Youth Respect so that one day our Youth may one day themselves become good Elders to their Youth.

Our Youth are not just our Future

They are in Fact our Future Elders.